Smart Key Card

Smart chip key card Smart chip key card with custom shape and design; OEM orders as customers requests and information Various personalized crafts, such as magnetic stripe, barcode, signature panel, scratch off panel, serial number, etc for business aim; Smart chip key card for access control;...

Product Details

Smart key card
Smart key card with custom shape and design; 

OEM orders as customers requests and information ;

Printed smart key card with various personalized crafts for access control and business promotion; 

Usual available crafts: magnetic stipe, QR code, barcode, serial number as customer requests, signature panel, scratch-off panel, hot-stamping, silver/gold silkescreen, UV coating, 3D ticker logo, hologram logo, anti-fake sticker, punch hole or not, etc;

MOQ is usually 1000pcs per design, small order would be also ok, please contact us for more details.

Here is the picture of smart key card with signature panel and also barcode number (each card could be with one barcode number as custom's data file)

combo card (4).jpg

The showing pictures are only for reference, all the related property rights and trademarks are belongs to the owner;
We welcome customized designs, please offer the certificate of authorization of the printing trade marks or logos together before printing, thank you.

Kindly remarks:

If the key cards are the common shape with available mold, then the lead time would be 5-7 working days once confirm the order and printing proof;

If the key is unique with new shape, the new mold would be necessary, then the lead time would be 12-15 working days, please kindly note it;

If without the necessary letters, sorry, we may could not arrange the printing as design artwork.

Welcome contact us freely to creat your own unique smart key card.

All the inquiry letters would be replied within 24 hours, if you need urgent reply, welcome call us at the working time.

order progress.png

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