Anti-copy and anti-decryption anti-decryption M1 card parameter description

- Apr 02, 2018-

Anti-copy, anti-crack and anti-decryption M1 card is a recently developed M1 card. This card subverts the original M1 algorithm and uses a unique encryption mechanism. As long as it encrypts any sector of the anti-copy, anti-decryption and anti-decryption M1 card, it is encrypted. , can not be encrypted, cracked by the relevant reader. Greatly provides the security of the card and is beneficial to the maintenance of the legitimate interests of the system suppliers and distributors.

   Anti-copy anti-crack anti-decryption M1 card is fully compatible with FM11RF08, NXP S50 and other chips, without software upgrades, no need to upgrade, easy to use, simple and fast. Anti-copy, anti-crack and anti-decryption M1 card supports custom printing. It is widely used in campus card, public transportation stored-value card, highway toll collection, parking lot, community, electronic purse, often made into score card, stored value card and other fields.

Chip: Anti-copy, crack proof, anti-decryption M1 card

Storage capacity: 8kbit, 16 partitions, two passwords per partition

Data retention: 10 years

Specification: 0.80×85.5×54

Packaging material: pvc, 0.13 copper

Packaging Technology: Automatic Welding

Production standard: iso 14443, iso 10536

Working frequency: 13.56mhz

Communication speed: 106kboud

Reading and writing distance: 2.5-10cm

Reading and writing time: 1-2ms

Working temperature: -20°C-85°C

Number of rewritable: >100000 times