Attention problems of using magnetic stripe cards

- Mar 08, 2018-

Attention problems of using magnetic stripe cards:

When using the magnetic card, it will be interfered by many external magnetic field elements.

1. Magnetic stripe card in the wallet is too close to the magnet buckle, or even contact with the magnet buckle.

2. close or contact with women handbags and men handbags magnet buckle.

3. contact with the magnetic contacts or the laptop.

4. contact with the magnet of the mobile, car keys and other magnetic objects.

5. Together with the mmobile phones and other equipments that can produce electromagnetic radiation for a long time.

6. Too close to the TV, tape recorders and other appliances with a strong effect of the magnetic field.

7. When used in supermarkets, too close or even contact with the theft degaussing equipment.

8. When put many magnetic cards together, magnetic stripe of the two cards contact mutually.

In addition, when magnetic stripe cards are pressed, folded, long time bump, exposure, in high temperature, scratched will make the magnetic stripe card can not work properly. Meanwhile, during the transaction process in card reader, cleaning of magnetic head, degree of aging, data transmission interference, system malfunction, improper operation will make the magnetic card can not be used.