Card manufacturing UV craft

- Apr 11, 2019-

Card manufacturing UV craft

        When we make PVC cards, in order to enhance the visual and sensible effects of the cards, we will match a variety of different processes such as hot stamping and silvering, as well as the UV ink manufacturing process we introduced here.

        UV ink production: We use a special ink or UV transparent epoxy to attach to the surface of the card when printing the card, so that it forms a special card-making process with smooth and delicate appearance. The common UV ink is black, but as the customer's requirements for printing quality and features are getting higher and higher, we have been able to make multi-colored UV through the perfect integration with Epoxy technology. We pass the base color and then drop a layer of clear UV ink. After drying, it can form a round and transparent UV printing.

        UV membership cards have been distributed to all walks of life, clothing, catering, property and other common areas of life, with UV and magnetic stripe cards, IC smart cards, shaped cards.

In Zhengdafei Smart Card Co., Ltd., UV ink technology can make complicated images, and the restrictions on designers are less and less due to production. In Shenzhen, 20% of our customers have chosen to use UV ink. Card. The UV process not only avoids problems like bronzing and silver, but also makes the atmosphere beautiful. The cost of another UV process is not too high and is acceptable to most customers.