Chip card features

- Mar 19, 2018-

The chip card is one of the international electronic hotspot products. In addition to the medical, transportation, insurance, business, and communications fields that will be exposed in daily life, the current application in the financial field is also becoming more and more extensive, constantly providing customers with higher value-added service. The following small series for everyone to detail the characteristics of the chip card.

1, good encryption performance

The serial number of the chip card is unique, and the manufacturer has fixed the serial number before leaving the factory and cannot be changed. A two-way authentication mechanism is used between the contactless card and the reader, that is, the reader verifies the legitimacy of the IC card, and the IC card also verifies the legitimacy of the reader.

2, multi-application.

In addition to all the financial functions that can be realized, the chip card can also support applications in multiple industries, such as merchant members, electronic ticketing, electronic coupons, etc. Applications in different industries exist independently in the card and do not interfere with each other and can be used at any time as needed. Increase and decrease the types and number of applications in the industry, and truly realize one card and many more.

3, security.

The chip card adopts advanced chip encryption technology and supports non-contact offline transaction methods, which can effectively reduce financial frauds such as being copied, allowing you to use the card more safely and securely.

4, can be suitable for a variety of applications

The characteristics of the storage structure of the chip card card make it more than one card, can be applied to different systems, users can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

5, anti-collision

The chip card has a quick anti-collision mechanism to prevent data interference between the cards. Therefore, the reader can handle multiple IC cards simultaneously. This improves the parallelism of applications and virtually increases system operating speed.