Contact Smart card

- Jan 27, 2018-

Contact smart card is a plastic card (ISO standard size: 85.5*54mm, the same size as credit card) with an IC chip on board;

Contact smart card conformas to ISO-7816, usually comprises 3 parts: contact Disc, Chip, Plastic body with Cavity;

Contact smart card IC chip family:

Contact memory card chips including:  Infineon, Atmel, ISSI(compatibles with Infineon/Atmel);

Contact CPU card chips including: GSM SIM, Smart Debit/Credit EMV card, 

Dual Interface CPU card chip: HYm4616, FM1280, FM12CD32, FM1216, etc

Contact smart card production manufacturing grogram:

Confirm design→CTP→Offset printing→Lamination→Inspection→Punch→Mill → Insert Chip→Testing & Inspecition →Personalized crafts with serial number, barcode, QR code, embossed number, signal panels, scratch off panel→ Inspection → Package → Delivery

Kind Remarks:

Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart Card Co., Ltd is the professional RFID smart card manufacturer since 2001 with ISO certification;

All the cards would be produced in dust-free workshop to ensure the quality;

100% inspected before package;

Prompt lead time with good quality;

Respective after-sales service to assist the shipping delivery