Customized blocker contactless NFC RFID card

- Sep 03, 2018-

201803152206222384923.JPGCustomized blocker contactless NFC PVC RFID card

RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves.  A subtype of RFID is NFC, which stands for near field communication, enabling two devices to communicate within a very short range. Widely used in ID .IC.Access Control .Payments .Hotel Lock .Parking .Pre-paid.etc. 

The main parameters

All available Craft 

* Silk Thermal printing numbers
* Golden/ Silver background, Golden/ Silver hot-  stamping
* Spot UV, Embossing
* Ordinary lamilation for re-printing
* Coatong, scratch-off panel
* Magnetic stripe, hico, loco
* Barcode, Signature, panel

ItemContactless IC card
Size85.5*54mm or Customized
Material PVC/PET/Paper/Bio-PVC
SurfaceMatte/ gloss/frosted lamination 
Print -Screen printing- Silver/Gold silk
-Screen printing background
-Full color offset printing- Silk

LF (Low Frequency): 125 KHz
HF (High Frequency): 13.56 MHz
UHF (Ultra High Frequency): 840-960MHz

Chip Type




Read RangeUHF:1-10m;HF/LF:0-5cm(depends on the reader and antenna) 
CertificationCE FCC RoHS ISO9001
Enterprises, bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, library management, access control etc.

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