Customized printing hotel/ elevator door lock card

- May 04, 2018-

Customized printing hotel/ elevator access control card

Products description:

Your hotel/ elevator access cards can even be encoded to work with your system or software. Most commonly your cards will need a magnetic stripe, QR code or barcode, others require an id which lays over a key fob or RFID card.Someone get such card can be convinient and stylish.


material: PVC/PET/ABS

Size:(CR 80)85.6*54mm thickness: 0.76mm ,0.84 mm, 0.9 mm,1.0 mm±0.02 or Can be Customized

Thickness:0.76mm ,0.84 mm, 0.9 mm,1.0 mm±0.02 can be customized.

Card Weight:5.8g+/-0.5g.

Carft:Magnetic stripe (Loco: 300oe, hico:2750oe/4000oe)
Signature panel and scratch panel
Embossed number; Laser number
Hole Punching
Lanyard Slot; UV spot
Barcode; QR code. etc


If you are afraid of your room,If you want a key card with printing, just let me know soon.