Detailed card production process

- Mar 23, 2018-

The processing and production of various kinds of cards is collectively referred to as the manufacture of cards, such as the production of membership cards, the production of bank cards, the production of score cards, etc., and the direct printing of materials on certain types of cards. In fact, the purpose of card printing and membership card making is mainly to promote, the card printing and membership card industry with the development of the country is gradually emerging, the following small series for everyone to detail the process of card printing.

First, the card printing process:

1. Screen printing card: It is only suitable for batch production of various types of cards with simple content and signature strips on the back of printed cards. For example, simple text and graphics cannot print high-quality color patterns.

2, Offset printing card: generally use four-color printing press printing, using UV offset printing ink, finished colorful, good clarity, high quality, suitable for large-volume printing. However, the investment in printing equipment in the early stage is very large. And the production process is more complicated.

3, hot stamping business card: the use of a dedicated hot stamping machine will be hot stamping the text and graphics on the card surface, forming a metal glossy card surface, generally used to create VIP cards, discount cards, VIP membership cards.

Second, the card laminated surface:

1, matte card: deep color but double upscale. Note: The matte card can't play the level code, but can only play the convex code and the code.

2, scrub card: feels like a grainy feeling. Note: The matte card can only be coded: because if the code is flat, the card surface is too rough and the bar code head will be damaged.

3, smooth card: bright colors shine bright.

Third, the card specifications: the international standard 85.5 × 54 × 0.76mm.

Fourth, the number requirements:

1. Flat-coded cards: Flat-coded cards are produced by sublimation + thermal transfer technology. Text or numbers are continuous smooth edges.

2, spray code card: is a small number of words or characters formed by a spray nozzle, the principle with the ordinary inkjet printer.

3, convex code card: As the name suggests, the card surface font prominent, in the magnetic card or smart card production, the card company does not recommend doing this, or can only play a small range of convex fonts, because playing the convex code is easy to put the card inside Broken coils or chips or solder joints.