Detailed membership management software

- Mar 22, 2018-

Detailed membership management software

In fact, the membership card is a certificate for the customer to become a member. The membership card management software is a protagonist that truly realizes membership management. The membership card management software functions include consumption, points, top-up, discount, and so on. Some affiliate management software also has information functions, and can also publish information. After customers consume or recharge, they can receive SMS reminders, which will be more convenient and faster. The following is a detailed introduction to the management software provided by the membership card. We hope to help everyone.

The membership card management system is an integrated management platform for chain stores, specialty stores, direct-operated stores, and consumer entertainment venues. It is mainly based on membership card marketing methods, membership development, and multi-functional membership card functions to help companies Expand the integrated management of consumer groups, cashiers, membership card management, points, top-ups, and member analysis. Through the analysis of the system's member consumption data, obtain information on loyalty and high levels of consumption of members, high-volume products, etc. for managers. It can dynamically and scientifically adjust market strategies to promote the enhancement of corporate loyalty, optimization of product categories, and increase of corporate sales and profits.


1. Points function: Regular points, that is, how many yuan to spend to start points; different points in different stages of consumption; points for stored value, cash, exchange gifts.

2. Consumption credit management: different consumption methods such as member consumption, consumption points, and different discount settings for different products.

3. Member's management: the establishment of the member information, the modification of the information, the membership card issuer, the membership level setting, the member replacement card, the loss of the membership card, and the return of the card.

4. Analysis and decision function:

Statistical Analysis of Membership Cards: Find out which member types are most popular with customers.

Member Area Distribution: Understand the regional characteristics of member distribution

Loss of membership warning: Members did not come to spend more than long, the system lists the possible loss of members.

New member development trends: Understand the development of new members.

Member affiliate salesperson distribution: Understand clerk's performance.

Member's gender, age analysis: Analysis of the basic characteristics of corporate members.

Members' recent consumer trends: Learn about recent consumer trends, ready to cope with market changes.

Sales Trends: Analyze the sales trends of goods by year, quarter, month, week, and day.

Personnel Sales Rank: Analyze the salesperson’s sales performance.

5. SMS function: can be set to automatically send SMS to members, such as members birthday, member consumption. Members send text messages and send SMS messages directly to members, such as promotional information and holiday greetings. SMS mailbox management, and can comprehensively query the records sent by SMS.

6. Rights Management: The operator account password management, the system for each operator to establish a corresponding account password; the system for each operator to set the sub-level permissions, each employee can only be within the permission range Computer operation.