EMTG97-3 97KB Ultra Low Cost Flash Smart Card IC

- Sep 27, 2018-

EMTG97-3 97KB ultra low cost flash smart card IC
EMTG97-3 contact smart card is a member of a family of devices designed specifically for Smart Card applications. The CPU is software compatible with the industry standard 8051 8 bits microprocessor, to guarantee the maximum reuse of tested software. The hardware implementation of the core is a modern design not relying on microcode, with an increase of up to 3 times on a standard 8051's clocks per instruction.
EMTG97 is using superior flash memory SuperFlash Technology licensed from SST and SuperFlash is a registered trademark of SST (silicon storage technology Inc.)..
Various and powerful security mechanisms and design for security techniques embedded in this IC allow to meet security requirements of targeted application.
Flexible memory allocation to code or data makes this IC suitable for a large range of applications.
The new concept of General purpose memory GPNVM usable as well for code or data (EEPROM) provides a very cost effective implementation.
* Environment
* Voltage supply class A, B: 3.0V to 5.0V +/-10%
* -25 to +85°C operating temperature
* Max supply current 6mA @ 30MHz, Class B
* >4 kV ESD Protection HBM
* Software compatible CMOS 80X51 industry *standard
* Accelerated architecture with 16 bit CPU *performance level
* Up to 30MHz internal CPU clock
* Idle modes
* Idle and stop mode selectable modes
* NVM update operation with CPU in idle mode
* IO transmission and reception with CPU in idle mode
* Max Idle current/clock stopped: 100 uA
* Security
* Hardware random number generator
* Unique chip identification number
* Notification of tampering
* IC operates under regulated voltage and *internal clock
* Under/over voltage sensors (Vcc)
* Memory control
* General purpose non volatile memory: GPNVM
* Secure memory management mechanism
* Fast byte program: 20us/byte
* GPNVM page erase: 4ms
* I/O
* ISO 7816-3 compliant electrical interface
* ISO 7816-3 compliant reset and response T=0*T=1 protocols
* ETU timer/counter replacing 8051 T0/T1 timers
* Memories
* 2048 bytes RAM (256B Local RAM + 1792B XRAM)
* 96KB GPNVM (user) = 384 pages of 256B
* 2KB GPNVM (system) = 8 pages of 256B
* 1 page: system parameters
* 7 pages: Nvm manager (Bootloader)
* BootROM loader T0 and GNG compatible
* 10 year data retention for EEPROM/OTPROM
* GPNVM endurance > 100 K cycles

* Applications
* SIM card GSM phase 2+ OTA WIB 32KB
* SIM card GSM phase 2+ OTA 64KB