Hot sell RFID contact chip card

- Jul 23, 2018-

Hot sell RFID contact chip card

prescription of RFID contact chip card:

· A smart Card which is generally a contact memory smart card which contains the information about the individual.

· A smart card reader which is generally a contact smart card reader and is used to read information from the card.

· A controller which receives data from the smart card reader via the RS232 interface.

· A load which is a relay in this case, used to drive a motor and connected to the controller via the relay driver IC.


· The individual inserts his/her card in the card reader.

· The card reader sends the data to the IC through the connector.

· The Microcontroller receives the data from the MAX 232 and is accordingly programmed to compare the obtained information with the stored information in the database.

· If the data matches, the Microcontroller develops logic high at its output pin, connected to the input pin of the relay driver.

· The relay driver IC accordingly develops a low logic at its output and energizes the relay.

· The common contact of the relay is now connected to the normally open contact and the motor connected in series with the relay contacts is rotated such that the door is opened.

specification of contact chip card:

MaterialPlastic/PVC/PET/ABS, etc

As credit card size:85.5*54mm thickness:can customized

Logo PrintingSilk screen printing/embossed/debossed/laser,etc
Available Crafts 

Barcode type:Code 128, code39, EAN-13 etc

Magnetic Stripe(Loco:300oe/650oe,Hico:2750oe/4000oe)

Signature panel and scratch panel

spot UV, embossing

Logo printing

OR code


Applicationsaccess control
Business using
School using
hotel key

Customers can choose Chip 

125khz/134.2khz Chips(Protocol: ISO11784/11785):

EM4100 / TK4100                                                                               

EM4102 / H4102, EM4200

EM4205, EM4305, EM4450, EM4550

T5557 / T5567 / ATA5567

Hig1, Hig2, HigS

13.56Mhz Chips(Protocol: ISO14443/15693):

MF S20/1K S50 / MF 4K S70 / MF Ultralight/C MF SLI-L(512 bit) / SLI(1024 bit) / SLI-S(2048 bit) MF 

Tag-it HF-1 Plus (TI2048, TI 2K) MF 1K-Compatible: FM11RF08(F08)

MF 4K-Compatible: FM11RF32

UHF/860-960Mhz chips(Protocol: ISO18000-6C/EPC CLASS 1 G 2):


A Higs2/Higs3


MP Ucode

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