How to design and make high-grade VIP membership card?

- Apr 10, 2019-

How to design and make high-grade VIP membership card?

            Membership card is useful in every field, is now the most widely used card.But membership CARDS are divided into ordinary types and high-grade types, then how to make a high-grade VIP membership card?In fact, in this process, design is very important.Beautiful, excellent, creative membership card design, the appearance of the most direct reflects the high-grade membership card.How to design a high-end VIP membership card?Main attention is paid to the following aspects:

            First, we should pay attention to color, font, board, material and other aspects.An excellent VIP card designer will customize high-quality membership CARDS according to the characteristics of the enterprise and product characteristics, and achieve very good membership card design effect.So our company has a professional membership card design team, carefully designed for you you want a membership card.

            Secondly, the technology is also very important.A lot of customers for the process is not very understanding, think some high-grade process are added to the membership card design, will reach the standard of high-grade membership card.In fact, such a product does not fully show the quality of high-grade.So what are the special processes for making high-end VIP membership CARDS?

                        1. Membership card background color can be made of imitation gold or imitation silver.

                        2. The membership card can be ironed with gold or silver.

                        3. Membership card surface can be made of frosted or polished, sub-surface effect.

                        4. Membership card available white PVC material, frosted effect of transparent material or fully transparent material.

                        5. Membership card can be printed on one or two sides, using silk screen or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.

                        6. You can spray different Numbers, PIN codes or words on each membership card.

                        7. Membership card can be convex code, convex code can be hot stamping or silver.

                        8. Membership card can also be made of special materials.For example;Laser materials, metal materials and so on .

Above is the production of high-end VIP membership card part of the special process.Such a high-end membership card has discount, points, customer management and other functions, and can reflect the business honor, but also can effectively improve customer purchase intention, establish customer brand loyalty, improve economic benefits for the business.