How to distinguish between magnetic cards, ID cards, IC cards, and barcode cards?

- Mar 20, 2018-

How to distinguish between barcode cards, ID cards, magnetic cards, and IC cards, people who need to make PVC cards, and now many customers do not know what they want to do in the end, the type of card is even more confused for customers. The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a detailed introduction to the kinds of cards that are common in life.

1. Barcode Card: There is a series of bar codes on the card card surface. The card number of the bar code card is read out by a scanner or a corresponding bar code reader. According to the different barcodes, it is divided into 39 yards and other codes. The barcode card is just a number and no other content is stored. Features: Cheaper like a magnetic card.

2, ID card: Similar to the large company open the door card. ID cards are contactless cards. The card itself has coils, and only the number of the card is read out by the reader and other related devices. The ID card itself does not store other things. According to the different card thickness is divided into: thick card, thin card, thick card.

3, magnetic card: similar to the bank card, the reverse side has a black magnetic stripe. Generally suitable for single-store use. The reverse magnetic strip only stores the number without any other thing, because the uniqueness of the magnetic card number ensures that different users have different card numbers.

4. IC cards: Contact IC cards are similar to phone cards; non-contact IC cards are also called M1 cards similar to Shanghai bus cards. Contact IC card Because the chip is exposed on the outside, the card itself often comes in contact with the machine and it easily causes wear. Since the contactless IC card is not in contact with the machine itself due to the fact that it is an inductive reader, the maintainability is relatively high.