IC card printing method

- Mar 15, 2018-

The inductive IC card belongs to the next new information media, and the application field of the card is becoming more and more extensive, and techniques for improving the printing of the proximity card and the anti-counterfeiting technology have also been made. The following Xiao Bian and everyone explained in detail the induction IC card printing.

The process flow produced by the sensor IC card manufacturer generally includes the following steps: designing, plate making, printing, laminating, laminating, punching, coding, hot stamping, embossing, magnetic writing or IC writing, inspection, packaging, and the like. Different cards, the process is slightly different, printing is only one of more than a dozen processes in the card production process, and is just a step in its early work. In the printing process, there is no difference between smart cards and ordinary cards. In general, printing companies can print independently, regardless of scale.

At present, the main printing methods used are offset printing and screen printing. Offset printing is generally suitable for high-precision photographs, patterns, etc., because offset printing can reproduce clear dots and fine lines, and its platemaking and printing costs are low, and text and images are clear.

First printed on the PVC card material, and then laminated, punch card, write magnetic, playing embossed, etc., but due to offset printing using UV ink, making the protective film easy to fall off. Therefore, a 2mm blank should be left around the plastic magnetic card in the design. It is better not to use fluorescent ink, and sufficient attention should be paid to the cutting or processing.