ISO7811 CR80 embossed number magnetic stripe card

- Sep 26, 2018-

ISO7811 CR80 embossed number magnetic stripe card


The Magnetic Card is the most consumed and the most popular card, made of PVC material. ISO7811 International standard size (85.5* 54 * 0.80mm). Withing delicate outlook and feel smooth, it has a lot of functions as cash storing, access control, membership identification.


The Magnetic Card widely applied in various fields such as banking, telecommunications, transportation, business, securities, supermarkets, hotels, beauty salons, pharmacies, hospitals, fitness, photography, glasses, restaurants and other areas.


Size: 85.5*54*0.80(mm)

Magstrip size : 8.4mm

Color: white

Material: PVC

Working Temperature:0-40(Degree)

Data Storage Period: about ten years

Magnetic Track: Track 1,2

Applications: Enterprises, bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, library management. Access control, etc.

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