Low Frequency RFID reader applications

- Feb 04, 2018-


Mainly used in intelligent parking, barrier-free access, access control attendance, identification, slaughter line management, traceability management of meat, animal identification.

product description:

Working frequency is standard 125KHz, use EM format non-contact RF ID card.

High-performance products, high reliability, high stability, low power consumption, high sensitivity, reading distance, anti-interference ability, environmental adaptability.


1, effectively prevent external factors caused by reading card number error, to ensure that the reader is more accurate, more stable and reliable data output;

2, automatic tuning function, to further enhance the ability to automatically adapt to changes in the environment;

3, can be disassembled and installed LED, buzzer, easy maintenance and replacement of products and upgrades, maintenance and upgrades can be lifelong;

4, anti-jamming technology, multiple card reader work simultaneously interfere with each other to a minimum;

5, anti-metal characteristics of technology to enhance anti-interference ability in the metal environment;

6, Dedicated card reader dedicated data line to ensure more stable and reliable data transmission;

7, the use of environmentally friendly epoxy completely sealed, moisture, earthquake, environmental protection and other special, potting heat distortion temperature: 90 ~ 100 ℃, temperature:

-40 ~ 85 ℃

Product parameters

1, working frequency: standard 125KHz;

2, RF card: EM ID card, read-only 64 Manchester encoding;

3, Reader sensing distance: using ordinary EM card can read more than 700 mm distance, EM long-distance enhanced card, the maximum sensing card reader distance

Can reach 1000m from the test standard (in the environment of relatively small interference and the use of recommended linear regulated power supply, and with long-distance increase

Strong card test)

4, Size: Built-in receiving antenna 23.9 * 23.9 * 3.2 cm (length * width * thickness)

5, color: light matte matte texture effect.