Magnetic swipe card

- May 03, 2018-

Magnetic swipe card can be widely applied for hotel key card, bank credit card, insurance, marketing, parking, school or company management, access control, etc.

We are providing magnetic stripe cards with various shapes and coercivities(300 Oe, 600 Oe, 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe) to meet different customers’ requirements. Standard credit card size of CR80 and size CR50 are the most common sizes in Nexqo’ experience.

CR80: 86*54*0.76mm (3-3/8*2-1/8”, thickness 30 mil)

CR50: 88.6*43.8*0.76mm (3-1/2*1-23/32”, thickness 30 mil)

Customized size is available.

Optional magnetic stripe;


1_ Low-coercivity (loco) at 300 Oe or 600 Oe;


2_ High-coercivity (hico) at 2750 Oe or 4000 Oe.


Loco is mainly used for membership card, loyalty card, points card, etc; while hico is mainly used for access control card, hotel key card and some other cards which requires a higher security and complexity.




Basically, there are 2 widths for magnetic stripe;


1_ 8mm (2-track)


2_ 12.5mm (3-track)


12.5mm is the most frequently used width for magnetic stripe cards.

Customized information or data could be encoded into the magnetic stripe. With doing this, customers could put some corresponding information into the cards to make sure they are running on the right system and belong to the right person.

Available Crafts:

Hot stamp (gold/silver/red), Laser silver/gold, Laser Engraving, Ink jet printing, Scratch off panel, Barcode/QR code, Thermal printing, Hologram, Embossing, Adhesive sheet, UV ink, Hologram, Hole punch, etc.

Welcome contact us today to creat your own magnetic swipe card.

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