Making process of Membership Card

- Nov 20, 2017-

1. Remove PVC card Film (transparent) and interlayer (white) and cut the average four pieces of paper knife;

2. Careful observation of the film, can be found on the film side of the film (the opposite), the other side is no film (for the positive);

3. Print the image on the front of the film, and cut the size of PVC card (generally an image);

4. The observation interlayer found that both sides of the film, tear the upper layer of the film, will be printed on the front of the film glued to the two sides of the interlayer;

5. Through plastic sealing machine hot plastic (temperature of 150 ℃);

6. Better than plastic PVC card, and trim the edge, and tear the film on both sides of the film;

7. Use the PVC card to punch the hole, and finally set the chain.

In the production of membership card, can be embedded in accordance with the needs of customers, can be IC card, can also be ID card, is generally based on the needs of customers to do.