Member Card with Mag Stripe Encoded

- Apr 16, 2018-

Member card with magnetic stripe encode card, this style of card is Membership Card, which is one of the most popular uses of plastic cards.  Identification of membership and their affiliation with your company, including benefits and type of membership.

This type of Membership Card is used when a magnetic stripe encoded with ID number is required and swiped at check-in.

Display the card to demonstrate membership with or without a member name, expiration date.

Today, most membership organizations have software to track memberships with member name, expiration date, and renewal dates, so a card with a unique ID number is what is needed and the most economical.

Cards can have logos, and text on front as well as the backs. Our cards are as thick as a credit card and glossy to the touch. We can also make a writable card with a matte finish.

Graphic design set-up is included and we provide our customers with free email Proofs in a PDF file or JPG pictures and let us know what your vision is, design-wise!

If you would like us to print the fronts only, we can also provide your own desktop card printer where you can customize the backs with membership name, expiration and any other personal information.

Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart card would offer various member cards with mag stripe encode as custom design and kinds of personalized crafts.

Welcome contact us today to creat your own member card.