Plastic access control card

- May 15, 2018-

Access control card  is the card with magentic stripe or chip for access control application;

Access control is a priority consideration for security conscious businesses. Standard (magnetic strip) or contactless access control cards are an easy-to-use measure that allows you to identify and monitor people entering and leaving your premises.

Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart Card Co., Ltd is the professional RFID card printing manufacturer since 2001, we can supply various access control card with different crafts for the following application:

  • Buildings

  • Car parks

  • Library areas

  • Equipment

  • Computers

Our factory can print the photo ID product, with your designs printed on the card for a superior finish and a long lifespan. Each card can be uniquely customised with printed details such as name, job title etc as well as programmed with a wide variety of data to suit usage, including varying levels of clearance and user information.

Welcome contact us to creat your own access control card.

We can supply the access control card that suits your needs and your budget, with options including barcodes, magnetic stripes or holograms.

MOQ of OEM access control card is 500pcs per design;

Lead time: 5-7 working days for printing.