Production standards of Membership Card

- Nov 20, 2017-

1. Membership card right under the single draft for the CorelDRAW file, do special effects into a bitmap, text, symbols, patterns must be turned into a curve.

2. Inner frame specification: 85.6mm*54 mm, outer frame specification: 88.5 mm *57 mm, card round angle is 12 degrees.

3. The margin of the convex code and the card must be greater than 5mm, the edge of the magnetic stripe card inside the frame (top, bottom) is 4mm, and the magnetic stripe width is 12mm.

4. Small convex code of 12th font, large convex code for the 18th font, can be used in bold, small convex code and large convex code contains a space of up to 19 bits. Convex code can be gilded hot silver or other gold and silver, special requirements can be personalized convex code.

5. The position of the convex code design avoids the magnetic stripe, the signature bar, the bar code and the inner coil of the back. Barcode card based on the customer to provide the bar code model left vacant.

6. Magnetic stripe Card: Magnetic stripe card is commonly divided into high-density magnetic stripe and low density magnetic stripe, the specifications are 2750oe and 300oe respectively. Magnetic stripe manufacturers can supply a variety of colors according to market demand, such as gold, silver, red, green, blue, brown, black and so on. The reason for the different colors of the magnetic stripe is that the color required for the protective coating of the standard magnetic stripe is caused. In line with the standard read magnetic, magnetic writing equipment can be different colors of magnetic stripe read magnetic, write magnetic, so the magnetic stripe color does not affect the normal reading and writing magnetic. Usually the color of low density magnetic stripe is brown, the color of high-density magnetic stripe is black, in order to facilitate user (including business card printing business and card issuer) in the process of production, storage and so on color distinguish low density and high-density magnetic stripe.

7. Color halftoning: The ideal stage range is 18%-85%, if the high light portion is less than 18% or the darkened portion is above 85% then the color gradient is poor.

8. The thickness of the line must not be less than 0.076 mm, or printing will not be rendered.

9. Color mode should be C, M, Y, K, the positive and negative pure black text or dark color K100, solid color block against the white word, text needs to be added to the Bai Bian.