PVC RFID smart card thickness

- Jul 18, 2018-

PVC RFID smart card thickness

What is the standard thickness of PVC cards, why there are so many different thickness about the PVC cards?

For the thickness of cards:

1.Standard thickness for usual PVC cards as 0.38mm to 0.76mm:

0.76mm thick is the standard thickness of usual PVC cards or PVC cards with magnetic stripe;

2. RFID cards thickness from 0.84mm to 0.90mm:

RFID cards with chip, the chip thickness is usually 0.30mm to 0.37mm, the RFID inlay is usually 0.42mm to 0.55mm thickness, the stardard thickness of RFID cards is usually 0.84mm to 0.90mm;

0.86mm thickness is the most common one for RFID smart cards;

For TK4100 chip card, the inlay is usually 0.50mm to 0.55mm, so for TK4100 chip card, the thickness is usually 0.86mm to 0.90mm;

Kind remend: usually the thickness difference as ±0.02mm is not avoid when lamination with different original material or heat or other factors of the lamination, please also kindly keep your customer informed -- the thickness±0.02mm in-advance should be acceptable.

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