RFID blocking card

- Apr 14, 2018-

RFID blocking cards, also know as high-frequency anti-theft cards, RFID anti skiming card, RFID shielding card, etc.

This product is a smart anti-theft card specially designed for shielding high-frequency (13.56 MHz) smart cards (such as payment cards, membership cards, etc.) and preventing criminals from stealing card information and card data.

It is only necessary to put the smart card on the body and the anti-theft card. Together, your payment card wireless signal will be effectively shielded as RFID blocking. No matter what equipment the criminals use, they cannot steal your card data information, then to ensure RFID card safe carrying, and prevent information leakage.


At present, most of our bank cards and certificates use RFID technology to store information. The NFC mobile phone or other readers can steal information from each other. Cards and personal information may be exposed and transmitted at any time. 

RFID blocking card, the high-frequency anti-theft card can protect bank card information security at low cost and effectively prevent risks such as theft and leakage of private information to keep your card data safe from nearby radio waves and remote RFID scanning.

Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart card could offer the RFID blocking cards with factory price:

Both blank RFID blocking cards or customized printed RFID cards would be both available;

Welcome contact us today to creat your own RFID blocking cards.

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