rfid card price

- Aug 29, 2018-

RFID card price

Usually customer contact our factory and informed -- Hi, please inform me the RFID card price.

But in fact, it is really difficult to reply the price directly, as  the price of RFID card mainly is based on volume, the amount of memory of the card and the packaging, and whether the card chip is active or passive and much more. 

For RFID card, to offer the exact cost, we need to confirm the following necessary issues first:

  1. The chip you need for the card?Do you need en-coding service for chip?

  2. How many pieces you would order?

  3. White blank card or pre-printed card? for printed cards, are there any special requests about the crafts?

  4. Any requests about the cards package?

Here, offer the available chips usually used for the your reference first:

Chip TypeProtocalCapacityAnti CollisionFunction
Available 125KHz Chip
TK4100ISO 11784/564bitNoRead Only
EM4200ISO 11784/5128bitNoRead Only
T5577ISO 11784/5330bitNoRead/Write
Hitag 1ISO 11784/52kbitNoRead/Write
Hitag 2ISO 11784/5256bitNoRead/Write
Hitag S 2048ISO 11784/52kbitNoRead/Write
Available 13.56MHz Chip
Ntag203/213/215/216ISO14443A168/180/540/924 byteNoRead/Write
MIFARE® S50ISO14443A1KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® S70ISO14443A4KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® PlusISO14443A2KB/4KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® DESFireISO14443A2KB/4KB/8KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Ultralight EV1ISO14443A640bitNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Ultralight CISO14443A1184bitNoRead/Write
I CODE SLIISO15693128 byteYesRead/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3ISO18000-6C512 bitYesRead/Write

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