RFID Applications

- Mar 06, 2018-

RFID technology is widely used in
many industries to perform such tasks as:What is RFID - How Does RFID Work

– Inventory management
– Asset tracking
– Personnel tracking
– Controlling access to restricted areas
– loyalty system
– Supply chain management
– Counterfeit prevention (such as in the pharmaceutical industry)

Although RFID technology has been in use since World War II, the demand for RFID equipment is increasing rapidly,and Wal-Mart requiring their suppliers to enable products to be traceable by RFID.

Whether or not RFID compliance is required, applications that currently use barcode technology are good candidates for upgrading to a system that uses RFID or some combination of the two. RFID offers many advantages over the barcode, particularly the fact that an RFID tag can hold much more data about an item than a barcode can. In addition, RFID tags are not susceptible to the damages that may be incurred by barcode labels, like ripping and smearing.

From the read distance to the types of tags available, RFID has come a long way since World War II and there is a bright future ahead.