Signature panel cards

- Apr 10, 2018-

Signature panel cards is the cards with signature panels.

Signature panels make it easier to write on cards with any type of pen, rather than just a permanent marker. Signature panels aren’t just for customer signatures. They can also be used to add any type of information at a later time, including expiration date, member name, member join date, card dollar value, or any other information. Signature panels are perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards and more.

For signature panel, the most common one is white color for custom signatures, custom could also custom the signature with custom printing then add signature oil.

For signature panel cards mainly used as membership cards, warranty cards, authoriztion cards, VIP cards, etc.

Shenzhen Zhengdafei smart card Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of RFID cards since 2001, our factory can offer various signature panel cards as custom design with factory price and good quality.

Welcome contact us today to custom your own signature panel cards.

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