Silver magnetic stripe card

- May 07, 2018-

Magnetic stripe card is the card with magnetic stripe.

There are two kinds magnetic stripe are available: LOCO magnetic stripe, HICO magnetic stripe;

For the LOCO magnetic stripe, the swipe color is usually blank or brown;

For HICO magnetic stripe, the stripe color would be black/silver/gold or other custom colors;

When you need magnetic stripe card, please check the magnetic stripe reader first to confirm the LOCO or HICO magnetic stripe you need and also the magnetic stripe color you would like, then we can offer the exact price accordingly. HICO is expensive than LOCO magnetic stripe, meanwhile, the silver/gold color magentic stripe is also expensive than usual black color ones.

Silver magnetic stripe card is the card with silver color HICO magnetic stripe, our factory can offer magnetic stripe cards with various different crafts, welcome contact us with your requests about the magnetic stripe.

The prompt reply with honest price and high quality would be promised.

magnetic stripe production process.jpg