Smart Card Manufacturing and Distribution Equipment Introduction

- Apr 23, 2018-

 The smart card manufacturing and distribution equipment includes a smart card manufacturing device and a smart card issuing device centered on a smart card personalization device.

     The smart card manufacturing equipment includes equipment for manufacturing and processing cards, that is, a series of equipment for completing IC card binding, laminating, punching, milling, packaging and other card manufacturing processes. Smart card issuance equipment mainly includes personalization equipment, packaging equipment and so on. The personalization device refers to a device that writes and personalizes chip information to a card that has been physically processed, and can write the unique attributes of the card issuer and the cardholder into the card memory and/or the printing through the personalization device. The process of fabricating on the surface of the card base includes one or more tasks such as chip writing, concave/advanced character printing, hot stamping, positive and negative surface printing, and laser engraving.

     Due to the richness of the types of smart cards and the complexity of the structure, smart card manufacturing equipment has far higher requirements in terms of manufacturing technology, processing accuracy, software control, and information management than magnetic stripe card manufacturing equipment.