The key to make the membership card

- Nov 20, 2017-

Membership card Making a lot of people are not very clear, the following explains the membership card production process to pay attention to some of the problems, this can be avoided in the process of cooperation with the business card printing plant to reduce the problem of production.

Membership card Making if the entire card surface on the bottom of the map, you must leave a bleeding bit, bleeding bit in the punching will be washed cut off. Membership card production standard size is 85.5mm X 54mm, including the size of the bleeding bit is 88.5mmx57mm.

In the design of membership card to the business card printing company, please change all the text into a curve, otherwise in the production of the content may be missing. Send a curved file and a JPG picture so that you can avoid being authenticated if the file is lost during transmission.

Membership card Making file format is best for CORLDRAW9.0, color mode for CMYK. The east-East business card printing is advanced CTP output, CTP output is based on the Corldraw file.

Membership card making shading or shading color settings should not be less than 8%, so as not to print the finished product can not be presented. Offsctdruckereien line thickness can not be less than 0.076, otherwise printed lines can not be seen clearly.

Membership card production color is based on the printing, because the printing will have color differences, different times, different people, the use of different pigments, printing color will be biased. If the color requirements of a particularly stringent customer recommendations to use a special edition or spot-color printing. or can provide PVC card sample card to the business card printing company reference, so as to avoid some problems arising.