The kind of membership card

- Nov 20, 2017-

1. Magnetic stripe card, magnetic stripe card can be divided into pet card, PVC card and paper card three kinds, the use is extremely extensive, bank card, telephone number these belong to magnetic stripe card;

2. IC card, IC card is through the Cary IC storage information, confidentiality than magnetic stripe card high;

3. Barcode card, bar code technology is a widely used in commercial, postal, book Management, warehousing, industrial production process control, traffic and other fields of automatic identification technology, with fast input speed, high accuracy, low cost, strong reliability and other advantages, in today's automatic recognition technology occupies an important position;

4. PVC card, in the literature called Polyvinyl chloride, also known as the plastic card, PVC material made of cards called PVC card. The daily VIP card is usually made with it;

5. Metal card, metal card is generally VIP Gold Card, member Gold card, Golden Card, business Card Gold card, gold statue, such as a series of products, the finished product is usually a kind of elegant feeling.

Membership card is indispensable in our lives, businesses use membership card to attract repeat customers, love to consume young people through membership card to get more satisfaction. From the original club identity has been developed to today's Internet membership card, we have reason to believe that membership card will be more and more good, will bring people more surprises and convenience.