The relevant description of the loyalty card

- Nov 20, 2017-


Scorecard is a consumer service card, the use of PVC material production, and similar functions, often used in shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, entertainment, catering, services and other industries. The standard specification of the scorecard is 85.5*54*0.76 (mm), the card surface can print the product pattern, the company logo and the use explanation, the integral card common production craft has the card number, the magnetic strip, the bar code, the bronzing, the anti-counterfeiting mark and so on, including the card number is essential, may for the convex code or the flat code, the magnetic stripe and the bar code Scorecard service is a business service model, customers can enjoy a certain amount of discount per consumption, and accumulate a certain percentage of points according to consumption amounts, when the points accumulated to a certain amount can be exchanged for designated gifts, or in accordance with the proportion of coupons and so on. The business effect of the scorecard service is to attract new customers and keep old customers.


The scorecard is a convenient integration service card to guide and influence people's consumption. In the United States, even a certain number of universal scorecard can be used to replace a brand new car. In these countries and regions, "consumption change Life" is no longer a slogan, but the real use of various ways to make people's lives convenient and affordable. With the rapid development of society, commercial competition is more and more fierce, more and more businesses choose the scorecard service as the business model, in order to browse new customers, recycling old customers, used to create huge economic effects.

Application fields

Widely used in finance, transportation, telecommunications, education, business, public utilities and large enterprises and other fields, and is committed to green Materials business card printing promotion.