The secrecy and working principle of RFID card

- Nov 20, 2017-

Working principle

The electrical portion of the card consists of only one antenna and an ASIC, with no other external devices. Antenna: The card antenna is only a few sets of winding coil, very suitable for packaging into the ISO card. ASIC: The ASIC of the card consists of a high-speed (106KB baud rate) interface, a control unit and a 8K bit eepbom. The operating principle of the ML RF card is: read-write device to the ML card sent a set of fixed frequency of electromagnetic waves, the card has a series of LC resonant circuit, its frequency and the frequency of the same transmitter and receiver, in the excitation of electromagnetic waves, LC resonant circuit generated resonance, so that the capacitance of the charge, the other end of the capacitor, There is a single guide to the electronic pump, the capacitance of the charge to another capacitor to store, when the accumulated charge to 2V, this capacitance can be used as a power supply for other circuits to provide working voltage, the card data will be sent out or access to the reader data.


MI RF card confidentiality can be good: Read and write three times before confirmation, unique card serial number, transmission data encryption, transmission password and access password protection. The password in the card is protected and unreadable and can only be modified by a user who knows the password. TAB EEPROM 16 sector, each sector has its own password, the user can be based on different sectors of the password, the sector of the password is divided into Keya and keyb two sets of different passwords, the two groups of passwords to reduce the operation and add operation.