What are the advantages of a contactless IC card?

- Apr 13, 2019-

What are the advantages of a contactless IC card?
(1)High reliability: It has no mechanical contact with the reader, avoiding various faults caused by contact and reading, such as poor contact, rough card insertion, chip shedding, breakdown, bending damage, etc.
(2) Convenient and rapid operation: Due to non-contact communication, the reader can operate the card within 10CM and has no directionality when used. It is very convenient for users to use and can improve efficiency.
(3)Anti-collision: The non-contact card has a fast anti-collision mechanism, which can prevent data interference between cards. Therefore, multiple cards can be processed in parallel at the same time to improve the working speed of the system.
(4) It be can suitable for a variety of applications: the card's storage structure makes it more verstile, and can be applied to different systems through the setting of passwords and access conditions.
(5) Good encryption performance: The serial number of the non-contact IC card is unique and can be cured by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. Each sector in the card has its own operating password and access conditions. A two-way authentication mechanism is used between the card and the reader, and all data is encrypted during the communication process. Therefore, it is suitable for use in electronic wallets, highway toll collection systems and bus ticketing systems.

    The storage capacity of this type of card is generally between 256b and 72kb. Currently, the most popular technologies include Legic, Mifare, Desfire, iCode and HID iclass, and also comply with the ISO14443 A&B communication protocol chip. It is usually used in places where access control, bus fares, subway charges, etc. need to be “suddenly passed”.

Non-contact common chip introduction
Non-contact ic cards are commonly found in Mifare 4K (S70), Mifare 1K (s50), and FM11RF08 series chips. Not all here. Introduce a commonly used one.
MifareS50 features:
Product Name: Mifare 1K (s50) Card
Chip Type: Philips Mifare 1 IC S50
Storage capacity: 8Kbit, 16 partitions, two sets of passwords per partition
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Communication rate: 106KBoud
Reading and writing distance: 2.5 ~ 10cm
Reading and writing time: 1~2ms
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C
Wiping life: >100,000 times
Data saving: >10 years
Dimensions: ISO standard card 85.6x54x0.82
Packaging material: PVC, PET, PETG, 0.13mm copper wire
Packaging process: ultrasonic automatic line / automatic welding
Executive standard: ISO14443A
Typical applications: corporate/campus card, bus stored value card, highway toll, parking lot, community management, etc.

The competitive advantage of contactless IC cards in the market
With the popularity of ordinary membership cards in the market, more and more manufacturers are attracting customers at a lower price, which leads to the low price of the entire card-making industry. Everyone can’t make any money on the ordinary membership card. The most popular is the trading of people and the market, which means that I will give you a lower price this time. I hope that you will come back to me to do the card next time. What you do is a form of repeat customer. Increase, the competitive environment will be even worse, so the market needs innovation, companies need to change, now my company has more orders for membership cards, but will slowly transform into the production of smart cards in the future, then what are the smart card production in the market? What about competitive advantage?

1. Non-contact IC card has technical content
Smart cards don't buy some materials directly like regular membership cards, and then print and laminate them. This involves the data operation of the smart card chip. There are a lot of data information in it, and the information required by the customer should be imported into the chip. This requires a certain amount of technical content, not every manufacturer can do it. Because your information is ultimately stored in the chip, it is also very important to write the card.

2, non-contact IC card production is more convenient
Because the smart card is laminated on the card, it will not be degaussed, damaged, etc. like the ordinary ordinary membership card, and the life and security performance of the smart card chip is more than ten times stronger than the ordinary membership card, because Ordinary membership card, like our company, you only need to have a sample card for us to copy it for you, but the smart card is different. It can only be made with the same pattern, but it can never be imitated. Information.
Non-contact CPU chip introduction
The chip type is Fudan Fm1208 CPU IC card
Product features are mainly:
1: Data space 16K, 32K, can meet basic security data storage requirements
2: Support binary files, fixed-length record files, circular record files, wallet files
3: Support DES, 3DES, MAC algorithm
4: Support external authentication key, encryption and decryption key, dynamic encryption key, password key
5: Support data encryption, MAC operation and key dispersion and dynamic key encryption
6: Support ISO7816 T=O protocol, support 56K communication rate
Security features:
1: Chip hardware platform has ITSECEAL level 4 certification
2: Chip tamper-proof design, unique serial number, measures to prevent SEMA/DEMA, SPA/DPA, DFA and timing attacks
3: A variety of safety detection sensors, high and low pressure sensors, frequency sensors, filters, light sensors, pulse sensors
4: Temperature sensor with sensor life test function, once the chip detects illegal detection, it will start the internal self-destruct function.
5: Bus encryption, with metal shielding protection layer, internal data self-destruction after detecting external attacks
Technical Parameters
1: Voltage 3V-5V (±10%)
2: Ambient temperature -25 °C - +85 °C
3: Maximum current: 10mA
4: FSB support range 1-10MHz
5:4KV static protection
6: The communication protocol is ISO-7816/3 standard, and the baud rate can be selected as 9602/19200/38400/57600BPS.
7: The package form is a standard card