- Mar 30, 2019-

a)  What IS RFID?
RFID: Radio Frequency Identification.
RFID Function: 1. A quick scan; 2. Small size, shape, diversification; 3. The pollution resistance and durability; 4. Repeated use; 5. The penetrability and no barriers to read; 6. Data memory capacity; 7. Security.
The Feature of RFID:   
First, can identify a single very specific objects, rather like a bar code can only identify the class of objects;
Second, it USES radio frequency, can be read through the external material data, and bar code must be read by the laser information;
Third, can be read on multiple objects at the same time, the bar code can only read one by one. In addition, the storage of information is also very big.
b)  What are applications that use NFC (HF 13.56MHz)? 
 NFC can be used for a wide variety of mobile applications, including: 
1.        Making payments with a wave or a touch anywhere contactless card point-of-sale (POS) readers have been deployed;
2.        Reading information and “picking up” special offers, coupons and discounts from smart posters or smart billboards;
3.        Storing tickets for transportation, parking access or events;
4.        Storing personal information that will allow secure building access