What is the difference between NFC tags and HF tags?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Nowadays, many users will ask, what are the differences between NFC tags and HF tags? Although they look the same, NFC tags and common HF tags are still different in many places.

one: The NFC tag can be recognized by the mobile phone, but the ordinary tag phone cannot recognize

Some tags' chips cannot be recognized by mobile phones, but pure high-frequency chips are used for access control, identification, etc. NFC tags can be recognized by mobile phones, such as the ISSI4439 chip, which is a pure high-frequency chip and is not used for NFC recognition.

Two: NFC tag distance is very short, HF tag distance up to 1.2 meters

The NFC tag is based on mobile phone payment, so its distance will not be too long. This is because the security of mobile payment must be high and the distance is too far. It is easy to get deducted when there is no credit card, and the HF tag is used as Recognition, if used in access control, does not need to be too close to swipe induction, and some high frequency tags add capacitance inside, the distance can reach 1.2 meters.

Three: NFC tags will be expensive, ordinary HF tags will be cheaper

NFC tags will be more expensive due to their high security and high encryption prices, while ordinary HF tags will be cheaper.

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