What type of card is suitable for use as an access control card

- Mar 21, 2018-

The community access control card can be said to be a kind of key buckle card that we commonly use. However, the key chain card can actually be packaged with chips. Due to the difference in the chips, the name is different. The following Xiao Bian will tell you about what type of card is suitable for use as an access control card.

Community access cards generally have two types, one is a key chain card, and the other is a pvc card type, both of which can package chips. What type of card is used for the community access control card? This depends on what kind of card we are using. Generally, the cell access control chip has an ID chip, an IC chip, or a cpu chip. Let's take a look at the characteristics of these three types of chips:

Community access control card ID access card: ID card is called identity card, is a non-writable proximity card, ID card factory chip code number has been fixed, can not be changed, each use just read ID card The card number is associated with related information. Like the magnetic card, the ID card only uses the "card number". In addition to the card number, the card has no security function, and its "card number" is open and bare.

IC access control card for residential access control card: IC card is another kind of information carrier after the magnetic card. The IC card refers to an integrated circuit card. Generally, a common IC card uses radio frequency technology to communicate with a card reader supporting an IC card.

Community access control card CPU access control card: The CPU card is also called smart card. The integrated circuit in the card has a microprocessor CPU, a storage unit, and a chip operating system COS. It is also a kind of IC card, but the CPU card is higher than IC card.

Long time ago, the access control card of the community would select the ID card as the access control card for the community. Later, because the ID card was easily copied, many districts chose the IC card as the residential access control card. If you want some of the higher-end access cards to choose CPU card.