What is RFID blocking card ?

- Jan 05, 2018-

This product is specially used for shielding the high frequency (13.56 MHz) smart card (such as bank card, id card, etc.) the wireless signal, prevent the criminals steal card information intelligent anti-theft card, just put on a smart card with eastern god together, your payment card wireless signals can be effective shielding, no matter what outlaws used equipment, can't steal your card information, to ensure safety, prevent information leakage.

We are currently most RFID CARDS and certificates are used to store information, via the NFC mobile phones or other, speaking, reading and writing can be stolen from a distance, card and personal information at any time are likely to be exposed and spread.Compared with RFID anti-theft wallet, a high frequency anti-theft card can protect the security of bank card information at low cost, effectively preventing the risk of theft and the leakage of privacy information.

Keep your card data safe from nearby radio waves and remote RFID scanning.