Which card is better for access control cards?

- Mar 27, 2018-

Recently, many customers who want to create access control cards have tangled one thing. Which type of card is better. For this problem, Xiaobian explains to everyone that each type of card has its own advantages and disadvantages. From a security perspective, the security of the chip card is still relatively good.

At present, there are three types of ID card, IC card, and cpu card in the production of access control cards. Among them, ID is the most popular, so ID cards are easy to copy and the price is relatively cheap. So what kind of ID card and IC card is better? Let's learn about it together below.

In fact, there is no difference between the IC card and the ID card in the consumer method. The main difference between them is that the ID card is read-only or write-free, which is a unique card number. The IC card has a read-write function, and 16 sectors are Can be encrypted, ID card can be copied, IC involves the sector password, relative to the safety performance is higher, not easy to be cloned, so the IC card on the market above the ID card price is expensive.

The IC card can integrate complex key authentication and identity authentication logic and will replace the previous magnetic cards and ID cards. Due to the inherent keyless authentication, readable and non-writable ID card system, and the need to completely rely on network operation defects, it is not suitable for today's implementing agencies to increase the demand for smart cards, and must only be used as a transitional product. The well-known magnetic cards are being phased out.

The process of continuous elimination of ID cards is accompanied by the vigorous development of smart IC cards. At present, IC cards are in the mainstream, and ID cards should only be used in some specific management systems. If the system only requires user identification to recommend the use of ID cards, this can reduce costs. If the system requires more functions, it is recommended that IC smart cards be used for a long time to benefit from a safe point of view.

Tips: If you look at the trend of development and security, the choice of IC card is relatively good, because the cost of IC cards in recent years has also reduced a lot, but the security has not been reduced, so the IC card is the best access card s Choice.