Why is there a color difference when printing a membership card?

- Mar 16, 2018-

For those who are knowledgeable, they must know that printed membership cards have a lot to do with weather, materials, and people. The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a detailed account of why color differences occur when printing membership cards.

From the weather point of view, the temperature and humidity in the morning, noon, and afternoon are not the same at all three times of the day. Therefore, the color temperature and the concentration of the pigment are not the same. Therefore, the amount of color in the design of the membership card is large. It will be more obvious; the temperature, humidity, and humidity of spring, summer, autumn and winter throughout the year are completely different, so the color printed on the order of the same order in different seasons is not the same, and the color difference is more obvious.

From the perspective of people: Everyone's technology is different, and people's degree of control is not the same, so this is reflected in the different colors printed by different manufacturers will have a very obvious color, and the same person has something to print at different times Different colors, this is inevitable!

From the perspective of raw materials, first of all, PVC materials provided by different PVC raw material manufacturers have different colors. The PVC raw materials provided by the same manufacturer will have slightly different colors at different times; secondly, different manufacturers and different batches of pigments There will be slightly different colors, so the color difference of raw materials on the membership card design is also a decisive factor.

In summary, the color difference in the design of membership cards is a normal phenomenon. The printing colors designed and produced by the membership cards are based on the colors printed on the computer files.