What kind of reader supports the read and write of bank chip cards?

- Apr 11, 2018-

With the continuous upgrading and development of the safety factor, the traditional financial and bank cards with high anti-magnetic strips have gradually withdrawn from the market! The adoption of COS systems, encrypted CPU cards, and JAVA chip cards has become a unified understanding and standard for the financial industry and banking system. How can we share this trend in this wave of gold rush and technology upgrading? What kind of reader can support the reading and writing of bank chip cards?

       If we need to enter this market and field, we need to know some basic rules and technical thresholds of this market. From a technical point of view, as long as the readers that meet the technical specifications support the reading and writing of financial cards and bank chip cards, the premise is software! ! Whether the software supports this is crucial! ! If you need to enter the application of the financial industry, you also need to have relevant certifications such as EMV, POCB, Master, Visa, and UnionPay! ! General hardware manufacturers will not go through this kind of certification on their own, unless there are orders of magnitude and the number of projects, certification will generally have software system integrators responsible for coordination and processing based on the actual needs of the project!

      So the key point of reading and writing of the chip card lies in the software system integrator, as long as there is corresponding software and is compatible with a certain type of hardware, both of which can complete the reading and writing operations of the chip card.

      At present, readers for single magnetic stripe include MSR606, MSR609, MSR900S, MSRX6, and MSRX6BT. Because of the standard uniqueness of the magnetic stripe card, read and write test software can be used directly; A multi-function magnetic stripe + chip card reader: MCR200, ZCS80, etc., such readers, magnetic stripe cards have read-write software to support read and write, but the chip only SDK development kit, because there are too many types of chip cards , Each encryption algorithm, read and write methods are different, so there is no unified set of software to complete the read and write operations of all chip cards; pure chip card readers: ACR1281U-K1, Ominikey 5321, Cloud 4700F, etc. The writer also has too many types of chip cards, various encryption algorithms, and different ways of reading and writing. Therefore, there is no unified set of software that can complete reading and writing operations of all chip cards.

    So the reader of the chip card, unless you have the ready-made software, and understand this software supports the reader model, you can buy this type of reader directly, otherwise need technology to do the secondary development and application!