How to stop the access card water card elevator card cracked and decrypted from the technical level

- Apr 12, 2018-

Put an access control card, water card, and elevator card on the replicator. Just connect the replicator to the computer and mouse gently. After a few seconds, you can easily copy out a new clone access card, water card, Elevator card, with this copy of the card you can easily access the community access, take the elevator, take a bath in the bath water.

    It sounds incredible, but it's easy for professionals.

    The news that access cards, water cards, and elevator cards were easily copied were more than once news headlines. It also caused many people to become stunned and rushed against such behavior. But often many people are one of them. For example, there are many people in the family, and the access control card and elevator card given by the community are limited, and they think of how to copy one copy for family members. For example, many students want to copy a hot water card in order to save money.

    As everyone knows, one person must make a profit, and the other must pay. As a result, lawbreakers have used access control copy cards, elevator cards to enter and leave the burglary, and endangered the safety of the occupants. Some people have specially stolen water cards and wasted water resources.

      So how can we prevent this kind of hindrance from happening, how to ensure access control, elevator safety, and the proper use of water resources?

In fact, there are spears and shields. From the technical aspect, this problem can be eliminated. There are currently two methods:

1, can not use the UID number of the IC card directly to do the unique number of identification, but should establish an independent logical number, and can encrypt the logical number.

         2. The anti-copying access control and elevator controller can be set. As long as the copying card system is read, it will automatically alarm and close the elevator or pass the permission of the access control so that the copied access control card will immediately become an invalid card.

3, increase the security factor of the access control card itself, use anti-copy, anti-decryption, anti-cracking IC card or CPU card, from the source alone to copy, decrypt, crack!