Advantages Of Smart Cards

- Nov 20, 2017-


1 Easy to carry: The light card can be conveniently placed in the wallet or in the card bag, can be mailed.

2 Storage Capacity: A card can hold 4-6 megabytes of information. Other portable information media (magnetic cards, IC card, microfiche) are not comparable.

3 Information record of high reliability and high security: because it is a laser drilling record method, so the card is not afraid of any electrical/magnetic interference, there is a strong resistance to water, pollution and the ability to change the temperature. Anyone who tries to change the contents of a card in any way must leave traces.

4 High confidentiality: Canon Optical card has a unique design of the optical card information security measures can be made to a single card, the code cannot be read by conventional methods, more can not be deciphered.

5 The relative price is cheap.