over 18years Smart card factory HF 13.56mhz rfid card prelam sheet inlay

- Mar 26, 2019-

Product Description

Materials :                          PVC, PETG, PC

Colour  :                             White or Transparent
:                          ISO14443, ISO15693,, etc.
Dimension :                        310*468mm, Max. size 600*500mm, A4 210*297mm, etc.
Layout  :                              2*5, 4*5, 5*5, 3*8, 4*8, 6*8, 6*10, or customized
Thickness :                           HF: normal 0.45mm, 0.5mm, min.0.3mm
                                            LF: normal 0.6mm, Min. 0.5mm
                                            UHF: 0.6mm, 0.5mm
Frequency  :
                                             LF (Low Frequency) – 125 KHz
                                             HF (High Frequency) – 13.56 MHz
                                             UHF (Ultra High Frequency) – 840-960 MHz
Available Chip :  
                                             UHF:Alien H3/H4,Monza 4/5,UC 7;
                                             HF:N213,F08,IC SLI ;
Antenna :                              HF: AL Etching, Pre-winding Copper Coil, Altrasonic Embeding
                                              LF: Pre-winding Copper Coli, AL Etching
                                              UHF: AL Etching
Bonding  :                              LF: Wire Bonding
                                              HF: FlIP Chip, Wire Bonding, MOA2
                                              UHF: FlIP Chip
Read Range:                          more than 50mm with our reader
Applications :                        Access Control & Security, Time Attendance, Logical Access, Public Transport, City Card, etc.
Working Temperature  :       -25℃ ~ +55℃
Store Temperature :             -25℃ ~ +65℃

Our Factory
    Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart Card Co., Ltd (or call us ZDF smart card) is the professional manufacture of smart cards since 2001 in Shenzhen, China.

As one of the largest professional smart cands and RFID cards production manufacture, ZDF smart card is specialized in the design, researching, manufacturing and selling the complete cards range, including: PVC cards, contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, IC/ID cards, magnetic strip cards, scratch cards, transparent card, RFID blocking cards, access control cards, luggage tags, irregular cards, etc.