Brief Introduction Of RFID Card

- Nov 20, 2017-

RF Card is also called contactless IC card, born in the early 90, is the world's most recent development of a new technology, it successfully combines RF technology and IC card technology to solve the problem of no source (no power in the card) and contactless, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. Due to the existence of magnetic cards and contactless IC card incomparable advantages, so that once the advent of a wide range of attention, and to the astonishing speed of the application.

Contactless IC card consists of IC chip, inductive antenna, and completely sealed in a standard PVC card, no exposed parts. Non-contact IC card reading and writing process, usually by non-contact IC card and reader-writer through radio waves to complete the reading and writing operation.

Contactless IC card itself is a passive body, when read and write to the card read and write operation, read and write the signal sent by two parts of the superposition: part is the power signal, the signal received by the card, and its own C generated resonance, resulting in an instantaneous energy supply chip work. The other part is to combine the data signal, the command chip completes the data, the modification, the storage and so on, and returns to the reader. The read-write system formed by contactless IC card, whether it is hardware structure, or operation process has been greatly simplified, and with the help of advanced management software, can be off-line operation way, all makes the data reading and writing process simpler.