Development History Of Smart Cards

- Nov 20, 2017-

IC card is IC card (integrated Circuitcard) in English abbreviation, in some countries also known as smart cards, intelligent card, microchip card and so on. A dedicated integrated circuit chip embedded in the ISO7816 standard PVC (or ABS, etc.) plastic substrates, packaged into a similar shape and magnetic card form, that is, to make an IC card. Of course, can also be packaged into buttons, keys, ornaments and other special shapes.

The original idea of IC card was put forward by the Japanese. In December 1969, Japan's Village filial piety (Kunitakaarimura) proposed a safe and reliable method of credit card production and was patented in 1970, when it was called ID card (identificationcard). In 1974, French Roland Moreno (Rolandmoreno) invented a plastic card with an integrated circuit chip and patented it, an early IC card. 1976 French Boer (Bull) company developed the world's first IC card. 1984, the French PTT (posts,telegraphs andtelephones) will use IC card for calling card, because of the good security and reliability of IC card, it has got unexpected success. Subsequently, ISO (iso,international standardizationorganization) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (iec,international The Joint Technical Committee of Electrotechnicalcommission has developed a series of international standards and norms, which has greatly promoted the research and development of IC card.

2002 years and even the next 5 years, is the Chinese IC card application to the depth of development period. China's IC card market pattern will be ordered from disorder, market competition will be limited to unlimited, IC card market will gradually mature into the era of meager profits. In this situation, the sheer number of hairpin and new products can not measure the IC Card industry and market development level, the degree of market development ultimately depends on the application of IC card and the social benefits. From the perspective of sustainable development, to strengthen the industry norms, to promote IC card enterprises from product and technology to the application and service-oriented, will become China's IC card market development of an important trend.

For the first time in 1970, the Frenchman Roland Morino (Roland Moreno) placed a programmable IC (integratedcircuit) chip in a card to make the card more functional. At the time, his description of the technology was: a card embedded with a self-protection memory. This is the birth of the world's first IC card.

In the following more than 30 years, with the development of VLSI technology, computer technology and information security technology, IC card is richer in variety and technology, which has been widely used at home and abroad.