Hospital Magnetic Stripe Card

- Jul 31, 2019-

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When the hospital magnetic stripe card is produced, it is completely produced according to the design draft supplied by the customer. Generally, the thickness of the magnetic stripe card is 0.3-0.76mm. If there is no special requirement, 0.76 is the standard thickness.

The standard size of the hospital magnetic stripe card is 85.5*54mm, which can also be reduced or enlarged according to customer requirements. You can use a magnetic stripe card for single-sided printing or double-sided printing. The printing method is mainly offset printing and silk screen printing. Different numbers and texts will be sprayed on each card, and a signature version will be added to it. If the user needs a high degree of encryption, a three-track magnetic strip is used. Normal encryption requires only a low-density magnetic strip.

The hospital magnetic stripe card can be made of white PVC material, which can be translucent or transparent. The number of the magnetic stripe card can be arranged in a regular order, or an irregular personalized number can be played. His background color can be imitation gold or imitation silver, and gold or silver on the magnetic stripe card. The surface can be made into a sub-surface, a glossy surface or a matte finish.