How To Distinguish The Authenticity Of Radiation Protection Card

- Nov 20, 2017-

The method of surface resolution is:

1. The small amount of absorbent material in the microwave oven, close to the inner wall of the microwave oven (remember must be close to the metal wall), close the microwave oven, open. If the phenomenon of the cavity wall is discovered, it is not only that the absorbing material is not the real absorbing material, but the silicone rubber material with the metal fiber infiltrated.

2. Is material fever the only way to prove it: when the microwave electromagnetic wave to the material containing metal fiber, because the metal fiber is a conductor will cause two times Hui flow increase electromagnetic energy, resulting in the material contained in the metal interaction (electrical products have a long time on the heating phenomenon), resulting in silicone rubber carrier fever ( Microwave ovens are extremely high in electromagnetic intensity, so fever is not the only way to detect absorbing materials.

3. Will absorb the wave material in the household microwave oven will not heat until burning. Keep in mind that this is the point: can be in high intensity electromagnetic wave environment, is the only characteristic of absorbing materials. The principle is: absorbing materials from the principle is the absorption of electromagnetic waves to heat energy, and domestic microwave oven electromagnetic strength is very high. As long as the real absorbent material, put in a long time will certainly reach its carrier silicone rubber ignition point, eventually burning.

4. After the above method has been tested, it can be proved that the real absorbing material. How do you choose to face the same absorbent material? The only way is: Batch alone will absorb the material into the microwave oven, from the opening to calculate, which burning time is short, it is proved that its absorption of electromagnetic wave performance.