Introduction And Principle Of Radiation Protection Card

- Nov 20, 2017-


Radiation protection card is a new kind of absorbing electromagnetic wave function material, which is composed of many high-energy materials and natural rare seabed ores. Its core material is made of highly efficient absorbing materials, coupled with the high polymer materials made of radiation-proof card, it is mainly the absorption of electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical appliances, in the area of radiation-proof card about 25 times times (about 60 centimeters) of the scope of more effective absorption of electromagnetic radiation, can defend the cell phone, computer and other electrical radiation generated. Authoritative detection of the performance of the Department of the results of the product.


Its principle is to add electromagnetic loss in the polymer medium, the use of electromagnetic energy to transform the principle of heat, absorption and elimination of radiation, it formed a card-centered electromagnetic wave weakening plane area, thus playing a role in the protection of electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, the use of high-energy ion technology, so that the card can be released continuously negative ions, negative ions and static electricity and electromagnetic radiation generated by the positive and. To eliminate radiation hazards, to ensure the human body around the purification of small environment, this card worn in the body, from the internal continuous release of negative ions, The effective protection range of this card is centered on this card, and the range of 60cm radius is the effective protection range.