Membership Card

- Apr 15, 2019-


Membership card

    We can see that many supermarkets, shopping malls, and hotels are using membership card production to increase the efficiency of their own businesses. So why do they do this, and what are the reasons for doing this? Then everyone will follow us to see the benefits of using a membership card and why you should use a membership card.
1. Effective promotion means
    The main role of the membership card is to attract new customers and retain old customers. Print company logos or patterns on the membership card to promote the company's image. According to the situation, the company can print different membership cards and enjoy different preferential policies as a fashion consumption.
2, easy to use
     If it is a chain operation, customers only need to hold a membership card, they can shop at any of their branches, which is very convenient for members. The system has a good human/machine dialogue interface, beautiful interface, simple operation, flexible setting and functional utility.
3. Pre-stored amount, increase sales amount
     As an e-wallet, the membership card can pre-charge the customer's deposit, deduct the fee from the membership card at each purchase, without paying in cash, eliminating the trouble of changing. And can increase the available funds of the store, ample cash flow.
4, effective management
     Through the system software, the management, summary and statistics of the member's credit card consumption are statistically analyzed, and the system data is used for analysis, so that the operator can analyze the operation status, so as to adopt corresponding operation and promotion strategies.
5, the full use of customer resources
     By analyzing the member's consumption information, we will develop targeted promotional measures to provide members with more appropriate services. Form interaction with members to deepen member memory and promote consumption.
6. Marginal effect
     Achieve comprehensive information management of member services, effectively control all member resources, and influence the driving of more consumer groups through the existing customer base, and exert its marginal effects.